Happy Sunday people, hope you all went to church and for those of us that did not we ask for the Lord to forgive us and also show us his grace. This week has been a week of reflection for me, witnessed a real life DOMESTIC VIOLENCE in action and it got me thinking ” WHY WOULD A WOMAN ALLOW HERSELF TO BE ABUSED BY A MAN”. No situation should ever make you feel less than what you are.  YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL, YOU ARE GOD’S CREATION, YOU ARE AMAZING and most of all SHE IS A LADY. Find below an excerpt culled from a poem written by Chidera of House of Zeta to continue reading go to

Named the poem SHE’S A LADY

A punch, a kick, a whip
She curls up as you flip
A curse, a blow, a belt
She cries with agony felt
Why so angry? Why so shady?
She has loved, cared and helped
You’ve whipped, lashed and burned
She’s forgotten and you never knew, She’s a lady!

Why are you with him? They’ve asked?
You won’t understand, I gnashed
Still in the haze, that what this is, is love
Love isn’t a problem you need to solve
You’re meant to fall and rock steady
Leave him, find another, be happy
I can’t, I won’t, I don’t know how, life without him would be crappy
A weak smile on their faces because she’s not aware, She’s a lady!

Hope you repost and share this to all your friends cause you don’t know who you would be touching by sharing this post.



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