Conventional or Non Conventional ???

There is always a traditional way of doing things, the way our parents got married and the way their parents got married. There is just a conventional way of doing things and we believe in following the conventional way of doing things.
This generation has brought about a change of things, not everything is being done conventionally. Everyday a new trend comes up and brides and grooms are eager to try out this new trends but there is always a clash between the conventional way of doing things and the non conventional way, lets take a few items on a planning list.

Church Venue: The conventional way is to go to church, and have a minister or a reverend to celebrate the service but recently services can be celebrated outside the confines of a church like in a garden, house, hall or the beach. It took a while for this to trend to become a regular one as opposed to the always celebrating the service in a church.

Reception: The reception venue of weddings in the last decade was either at the church hall or city hall but recently it has been a whole new story, a new twist. Weddings are being celebrated in modernized halls, outdoor event centers such as gardens, marquees, beaches etc

Food: Food popularly known as Item 7 has evolved a whole lot, from the traditional Nigerian food, the continental food has wormed it’s way into the menu to add spice to the menu. More recently new items are being added to the menu such as desserts, fruit trees, chocolate fountain, candy buffets, etc. A lot of new additions that adds spice and fun to the wedding.

Wedding Dresses: This one aspect that has gone totally unconventional. Brides wants to be the ones to being in the new trend or stand out totally at their weddings. Conventionally the wedding dresses had to be all puffy,bullish and covered in layers of lace but nowadays you have dresses tailored to fit the brides figure, color and style. Mermaid dresses, tube dresses, Grecian dresses and the most recent trend is for the bride to change into another dress for the reception. A more comfortable and trendy dress that would give her room to have fun.









These are a few aspects of weddings that have evolved over time, send in your comments on areas that you believe are no more conventional and those that you think cannot be changed.
Cheers a and have a lovely week.


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