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Pretty bride or Bridezilla… A thin line between stunning and awful

A brides wedding day is the most important day of her life and she would love to cherish and treasure every moment for the rest of her life. It’s very important that the make-up doesn’t fall by the wayside, going easy on the make-up can leave the bride very plain and overdoing it can turn the blushing bride into a bobo the clown clone.
It’s a prerequisite that a bride knows what kind of bride she wants to be and also have a per wedding trial before the dee-day to be sure that’s what she wants. We have different classes of brides :
The traditional bride
The church wedding bride
The evening bride

The traditional bride’s make-up is always dramatic, depicts the colors of the day and always bold. Most times the colors of the brides attire is used for her make-up, it’s important the bride does a pre-trial of her make up to be sure it suits her and she does not look like a painted picture by a baby.



The church wedding bride’s make-up should be clean and understated. A classy makeup without all the fuss during the ceremony, and if you want a little extra drama, add a darker lip color, extra mascara or smoky eyeliner before hitting the reception. Be sure to test your mascara ahead of time to pick a variety that won’t clump when you add an extra coat or two.




The evening bride’s make-up easily the most glamorous of all weddings, the evening wedding also holds a great deal of potential for cosmetic disaster. Makeup experts caution brides not to go overboard with excessive eye makeup, too-bright lips and cheeks, and heavy, cake-like foundation. After all, the groom should be able to recognize his bride as she walks down the aisle!
Instead of over-emphasizing every lovely feature, experts encourage brides to play up one and take it easy on the others. Beautiful and slightly dramatic eye makeup offers the most bang for your buck in terms of appearance (and it will photograph nicely, too). Smoky eyes, paired with sheer or light-colored, glossy lips are a glamorous, but not overwhelming combination that’s popular for evening brides. Just be sure to keep a light hand with the eye makeup as “smoky” can quickly morph into “raccoon,” especially if the bride sheds a few tears during the ceremony.



I hope all these tips helps brides out there to be pretty, classy and not bridezillas or bozo the clowns.
Last minute addition to this post is a Bridezilla


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Happy Belated Nu Year

Am very sure that you think I have gone AWOL and abandoned y’all, thats not possible and not an option. I have been under the weather and so am using this medium to apologise and wish everyone that reads my blog a happy belated New Year !!!

This year started with a lot of weddings and everyone seems to be getting married, that’s a very good thing and I hope we are all tying the knot for the right reasons and not cos of some undue pressure from our parents,friends and the society ?

Alot of new trends and traditions are being introduced into weddings and events on a daily basis, we promise to deliver these evolving trends to your doorstep.