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Every one seems to be getting married,  as the bride you have been dreaming about your wedding like forever and now the time is finally here and u are all giddy with excitement. Plans and decisions to make, loads of  ideas and expectations popping into your head. Pause and think are u ready for the days ahead? DO I NEED A WEDDING PLANNER ?     A friend of mine said no I don’t need a wedding planner and then the day of  her wedding , it was a total disaster. Hair, make-up, no light at the venue, no coordination of the whole wedding.

Hiring a wedding planner is the greatest investment you can make towards your piece of mind, agreed that our society, really does not see the need for a wedding planner. Times are changing and so also is the society, whether you hire the wedding planner to manage your entire wedding, or just co-ordinate the day thereof, bear in mind that you will have an objective, reliable person helping you make sure everything goes as planned.

A wedding planner is a professional consultant who would help you with most if not all the tasks involved in planning your wedding. From vendors, wedding accessories, etiquette  and even the smallest of details, this expert has the skills and contacts necessary to make your day come together seamlessly. Not to mention that hiring a wedding planner would help you enjoy the planning of the wedding without all the hassles and stress

Is a wedding planner right for you, stay tuned to find out!!!

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