No Event No History

There are loads of events being planned as the year comes to an end, this automatically turns people into event planners without the technical know how.
The essence of this blog is to inform and educate us on the essence of an event planner and also give us very useful tips needed to plan our events, irrespective of what the event maybe.                    
The world is made up of links of events. What creates the exquisiteness of excitement and memory is how the events are put together and executed, because of this, NO EVENT NO HISTORY.
We have studied the perceptions of events and discovered that the kind of event to make history the best must be assembled to achieve the desired effects.
To this end, we have put together a package that will ensure a perfect event in the areas of shaping, managing and executing the various activities that are blended. EVENTS FINESSE, is one organization that is put up to help decide, organize, manage and execute all events which are entrusted to it.


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