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Let’s be realistic, most wedding dresses aren’t made with plus size ladies in mind(am proudly one). Sure there are a lot more options than we used to have, but the cut, length and embellishments of most modern dresses are designed for the size zero ladies. Just because the society is stuck on the side zero does not mean we have to settle for less or whatever fits.

Any bride regardless of her awesome curves can have the perfect wedding dress for her perfect day, all she needs to know is what to look for when choosing her dress. Here are steps to follow :

DON’T BE BULLIED ; This is that special day you have been dreaming of, so despite your size you should not have to settle. Once you find the “ONE” you would know, don’t let the pressure from sales clerk convince you just because a dress fits, less than flattering and they have it in stock.Take a few friends that would give you honest opinions and call ahead to find out if the bridal shop has your size before you start the long journey on getting your dress, don’t give up till you get that perfect dress
FIND THE RIGHT SKIRT; The most important aspect of any plus size dress is the skirt, choose a gown with an A-line, mermaid or empire skirt or a dropped waist seam that would enlogate your midriff and flow away from your hips. This would give your body a sexy, shapy curve that all your guest will envy.
WEAR STRAPS OR SLEEVES ; it’s true that strapless dresses are in vogue, but it’s not for us plus size ladies cos it tends to broaden and accentuate the shoulders and arms. Most shops can your dress with straps or sleeves, make sure the material does not squeeze or  bind your arms, shoulder and back. Avoid sleeves that start puffy and ends slim, you can do either a cap sleeve or a lacy sleeve.

USE WHAT YOU HAVE GOT; You have got curves so use them, most plus size brides prefer v-neck or sweetheart necklines which covers the decollete but draws attention to the curves, avoid plunging necklines as it would make your top look heavy and rounded.

CHOOSE THE RIGHT MATERIALS; As a plus size bride it’s important to choose fabric that flatters y0ur shape and hides your imperfections, fabrics that are easily ruched such as raw silk, silk dupioni, satin and tafetta.

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No Event No History

There are loads of events being planned as the year comes to an end, this automatically turns people into event planners without the technical know how.
The essence of this blog is to inform and educate us on the essence of an event planner and also give us very useful tips needed to plan our events, irrespective of what the event maybe.                    
The world is made up of links of events. What creates the exquisiteness of excitement and memory is how the events are put together and executed, because of this, NO EVENT NO HISTORY.
We have studied the perceptions of events and discovered that the kind of event to make history the best must be assembled to achieve the desired effects.
To this end, we have put together a package that will ensure a perfect event in the areas of shaping, managing and executing the various activities that are blended. EVENTS FINESSE, is one organization that is put up to help decide, organize, manage and execute all events which are entrusted to it.